This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

We have arrived.....

Well it has been a long couple days, but we are here in El Grullo Jalisco and getting settled in. We left Seattle on Monday morning and it was snowing. Due to the ice melting machine breaking, we were stuck in the plane on the tarmac about 1.5 hrs, which led to missing my flight out of phoenix. Anyways, being a holiday week, flights were booked and we could not get out of phoenix until the following day. We did get first class upgrades and a hotel voucher.

While it was frustrating having to wait, it was nice to get a break mid travel to go to a nice hotel and relax. Break up the flight a bit for Daniel.  Second half of the flight went well. Arrived in Guadalajara on Tuesday around 2pm and made the 3hr drive home. Once i got here and surveyed all my luggage, plus what i had left previously plus what i sent down i am wondering where i got so much junk and just where i am going to put it.

Anyways we are having a guy come to look at the walk in closet and actually put shelving in it. Right now it is more like a storage space, which will lead to the issue that when i move my clothes in there what will we do with what is already in there???? day at a time is my motto right now.

Harry Potter time!

Yes i am "one of those" the weirdos who flock to the midnight premiers of movies. I am particularly excited for tonight's premier of Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part 1.  This is the first harry potter movie in the theatre since i have become a fan. While the movies suck in comparison to the books it is just like something you have to go see even though you know you will be disappointed.

Oh and don't worry, i wont be in costume or anything...i am not that kooky...yet.....

Packing and Unpacking...

Holy Moly i have a lot of clothes. I have packed my four 50lb suitcases and still have a significant amount of clothes left to pack. Plus i am shipping two boxes (about 30lbs each) of Christmas gifts. I am now going to have to unpack everything and reevaluated what i really want and don't want, or else i will need to pay $100 for an extra bag on the plane. The good news is i actually love packing and reorganizing, so it is not all bad.

Six days left....

Two more weeks....

Well two weeks from yesterday we are headed out. The nerves are starting to get to me. I am happy to see my husband and be together, but in all honestly not thrilled to move to Mexico. So it is good and bad. Yesterday at church our pastor discussed moves of great faith. It seemed really relevent to where i am at. I know God is saying that going is the right thing, and even though i am scared i have to have faith in him that it will all work out.

I have two bags packed. I have two boxes packed for shipping to California where someone is going to bring them down to Mexico for us. Just 2 more bags to pack and we are golden. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we begin a new adventure and chapter in our lives.
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