This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Ready for a New Year....

It is that time of year again, time to think of resolutions i have zero motivation to actually keep for more than a day, that is if i even start them. But you know, it is tradition, so here are my New Years goals....

- Walk daily (or almost daily)
- No more soda ( i was successful with this for about a month in September than i relapsed)
- Make an effort to cook for my family at least 3 times a week.

That is all i got. Don't need to many goals to not follow through with.

A couple of friends and a pile of dirt

I can't lie, when i left the US i was concerned that my son would be missing out on lots of fun things. See we passed our time at zoos and museums and bouncy houses and indoor play grounds. My thoughts were he would be bored here, he would miss the plastic slides with the shredded rubber floors.

Well we went to the Rancho ( a word for a remote little town) and the lady we were with asked if we should take the boys to some word i did not know and cant remember. While when we got there it was just a big mountain of dirt. My first thought was "oh boy, this is a good time here? Playing on a dirt mountain" Well i should not be so quick to judge. The kids played for hours being spiderman and and mountain climbers and sliding through the dirt. My son had a blast. No man made toys needed.

I have learned that for kids fun is what is in front of you. I just need to learn to have that same childlike view.


I visited one of the two Christian churches this past Sunday. The one i tried first was Lutheran i think...nice because it is walking distance.They have three services, Thurs at 630pm and Sun at 11am and 6pm. Not sure if all services are the same, i went to the 6pm Sunday one.

Everyone was friendly, i was greeted at the door and offered water or soda. Service was  in a nice large airy building. They did not have any children's program (at least at that service) so that was a negative. They started with worship, which i loved. Very much like worship at my Church  at home. They had a worship team with drums, a guitar and singers and even a dance team with ribbons and tambourines. Very upbeat music and i actually recognized about 50% of the English versions of the songs.

We actually only made it through 30 min when Daniel would not stop crying to go home. When we left they were still doing worship. I think a kids program may be a necessity so i hope the other church has one.


Phone service here sucks. There is one option for a landline. Telmex. We got our last months phone/slash internet bill....1250 pesos. That is about $100. We called the company to see if we could change plans. The problem is there is no plans that allow you to call cell phones for free. So every call made to a cell phone costs extra. Our base plan is $389 pesos (about $32) That includes 100 free calls. It does not matter how long you talk, your charged by call not by minute. Plus DSL and WIFi... Pretty much all the extra charges are cell phones. Seems outrageous. We are going to switch to the 599 peso plan ($49) that way we get a faster internet connection and 200 calls to landlines. Hopefully that helps. Just seems weird how the phone works here.

One week in and doing great!

I just want to say i feel like i am adjusting really well. I know it is still new and there will be a  lot of ups and downs, but for now i feel good. I miss my friends and family, but i have already made some friends (shocking for me, i am super socially awkward) and Cesar has enough family to go around.

I came prepared with my Xanax and have not needed it once, have not even come close to having an anxiety attack. Heck if things stay like this for awhile i may consider lowering my dose or going off of my daily anxiety meds that i have been on the past year.

I love sleeping in...well i get up around 7am and that for me is sleeping in, even though it is almost 2hrs earlier than anyone else is up. Gives me time to check emails and such and also now i have a walking buddy for the mornings. The town has a really nice paved walking trail, in walking distance from where we are.

It may take awhile to get used to the bugs, and the heat, and not flushing toilet paper. When you pass someone on the street they say "goodbye" instead of "hello" The streets are noisy all night and i can't buy my favorite treats at the store. Dogs run loose and i am nervous around stray dogs....but those things don't matter. I am with my husband and our son and living out what i believe to be God's plan and will for our lives.
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