This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!


So i admit, i don't really like the food in Mexico. I don;t like pork products, corn products, anything spicy, rice or beans. Basically all the food people eat there i don't like. Some stuff i can't stomach (tamales) other stuff i just choke down instead of starving. I eat a lot of ham sandwiches, cold cereal and PBJs. I love seafood and luckily there is a lot of that available where we live.

Now while i am here in the states i feel like i need to eat everything i have been deprived off. I swear i think about food 24hrs a day. Heck i even want to eat things i never really liked before, but since they are not available in MX i want to eat them anyways.

Candy is a big one. Thankfully i suppose for my teeth and my waistline there is not a lot of candy i like in MX. Now that i am home i am making up for it with skittles, starburst, jelly bellys, paydays, twizzlers, mike and ikes....the list goes on and on. Oh and hot fudge sundaes.....mmmmm. I must be careful or i will be a lot larger when i return 8) I am hoping the novelty wears off soon and i can resume my normal american diet.

Settling in

Just wanted to say i made it back to Washington safe and sound. I have started working and it feels like i never left. I am so ready for a vacation ... :)

Other than missing Cesar we are doing well. Daniel is having fun and is signed up for some VBS's this summer to keep him busy while i work.

I don't have a good internet connection (dial-up) at my parents, so i may be on and off the next few months. I have my ticket home to Mexcio on October 1st. Gives us something to look forward too.
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