This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Just checking in!

Just wanted to say our WA trip is going well. Lots of rain, but lots of fun. I can't lie though i am ready to be back with my husband. A little over two more weeks here and then i meet Cesar in Vallarta for vacation there. Can't wait!  I am trying to keep up with everyones blogs, but when i can only get online once or twice a week it becomes overwhelming.  Daniel also got his cast off, which was actually a happier moment for me than him. He was pretty scared that his arm would hurt, but after a few days he was back to using it again. Here are some pics from around here!

Update on my pay phone charges.

Well good news for me, i have managed to get rid of most of the charges without even dealing with filing a dispute. It took several phone calls, but i got all three of the almost $20 a piece charges dropped, and i got two of the 11.68 charges dropped. So i have ended up only paying $11.68, now that is still alot for phone calls that never connected, but you know what, in comparison to about $100 i am willing to pay $12 and i learned a lesson, and hopefully prevented others from making the same mistake.

The battle is not 100% over, i do have to wait 2-3 weeks for the credits to show up, and hopefully they do. The companies did not have reference numbers they said the reference was their "name" Hopefully though all works out. Fingers crossed.

Beware....airport payphones

Just a warning for anyone thinking about using a phone at LAX (or possibly any airport) don't use a credit card.....

When i arrived to LAX on April 6th i wanted to call Cesar to let him know we made it there. Now we have a US number in Mexico (WA state area code) I typed in the number and the phone said it would cost $1.00, i only had 3 quarters so i swiped my credit card. An automated operater immediatly picked up and said my call could not go through please try again. I tried 2 more times before buying a $10 phone card (that only worked for 2min)

Fast forward to today. I have six charges on my credit card. Three from one company all in the amount of $19.98, three from another company all in the amount of $11.67. I have spoken to both companies, who both claim to have payphones at LAX, they are not affliated in anyway with each other, adn they are both charging me for the exact same three calls (they both gave me the same time and numbers) So for three calls that did not go through, i am being charged over $100

Now both companies told me they are going to look into the charges, and i am filing a dispute with my bank, and God willing i won't have to pay any of the charges, or i would be even fine paying the $1.00 charge three times (which even then my call never even connected) Not a great way to start my vacation. Spending hours on the phone arguing with customer service companies and worrying about what if i can't fix the problem.

Live and learn i suppose. Keep your fingers crossed it gets worked out. I will keep you updated.

We made it!

Just dropping in to say hi and that i made it safely to the states. We had uneventful flights. Snow on the ground when we got here. My parents only have dial up internet, so i may not blog much over the next month. 8)

Feeling a bit sad....

Tomorrow i leave for 5 weeks in the states. I woke up today feeling sad. Despite the fact that we have spent longer times apart, i don't want to leave my husband. I feel like we suffered for so long apart and we are finally back together and now i am leaving again. Don't get me wrong, i am excited on many levels about my trip. It is not that i don't want to go, i just wish Cesar could come with me. I know it will go fast. I know that some days while i am there i will be having so much fun i may not want to go back to Mexico. I also know there will be days i am sad, that i will miss Cesar, Mexico, and what is now my home. It is still hard to willing take 5 weeks away from my husband when we were apart unwillingly for so long.

Camping at la Presa

La presa is a large resavour, essentially a lake.  We  decided on my last weekend her before i head to the states to take the kids camping. I am not a huge camping fan, but it is tolerable. We loaded up the three kids and arranged to meet another family and headed out.

We didn't hit a campground or anything, we got in a boat, and found a flat spot and set up camp. Unfortunately we were somewhat ill prepared. We forgot water (we did have juice and soda) Me and Cesar both thought the other person was bringing blankets and pillows, so for the 5 of us we had 2 blankets and 2 pillows. The other people had never even been camping and did not bring a tent, so we had to change the sleeping arrangements. We had a large tent for Me, Cesar and Daniel and a small tent for Cesar Jr and Brisa, but we ended up sleeping Me, Daniel, Brisa, the other lady and her 3 girls in the big tent. Cesar and Cesar in the little tent and the other man slept in a hammock. It got super cold at night and i had given the blankets to the kids. So i was sleeping on the tent floor with my sweatshirt covering me. Needless to say i drifted in and out of sleep praying for morning.

All in all the kids had fun, and i wasn't totally miserable except for in the night time. We will probably do it again and plan better next time....

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