This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!


Yay, tomorrow we are going to Guadalajara to meet up with our friends Issac and Amanda. Check out her blog Borders Aside. This will be our third time meeting up with them and we are very excited. I only wish they were closer (it is about 2.5 to 3 hrs to Guadalajara)

How did i meet them you ask? Well about 3 yrs ago when we found out what the problems were with my husbands immigration status, i googled it and found Amanda's blog. They are in the same boat we are immigration wise. Anyways i started following her blog then emailing her, and then decided to meet up with her, even though it was way out of my comfort zone to meet someone on the internet. I am glad I did though! So now we have a fun weekend planned in the city. It only took two months of being here to get it together 8) (our fault not theirs) Anyways i will report back with all the fun happenings and this time i am taking lots of pics

What to do? What to do?

I am planning a vacation to Puerta Vallarta at the end of May / Early June....

Right now we are debating between 2 options...We could rent a condo for 7 nights (that is the set amount it rents for) for $700. It has all the amenities of a regular condo. We have rented from this condo previously and it is nice.

Our other option is more pricey, we could stay at an all inclusive resort for 4 nights for $1100. This price is for 3 adults and one child. Now in this case all of our food and drinks are included, plus the hotel has entertainment. We have also stayed at this hotel. We enjoyed this option more than the condo, but not sure if it is worth the shorter trip and the higher price. On the other hand though, with all the food and drinks, it may not actually be that much more As we have also visited Vallarta a few times the shorter trip may be NBD. I assume i i could expect to pay at least $25 (and that is like fast food only or cooking at home) a day per person at the condo.

Any thoughts or opinions?

Two months in....

Well i have been here a little over two months now and the last two months have been, well just like any other months.  I have no real insightful things to say about the adjustment. It hasn't been that bad really. I mean i miss my friends and family, but not in a depressed, sorrowful i want to go home kinda way. In fact i have been off my anti depressants and anxiety meds for about a month now with zero issues.

Maybe i am resilient, maybe i just go with the flow well. I know my ease in adjustment isn't how it goes for a lot of people. Maybe it was from so many visits i just knew what i was in for. Or maybe i just had such low expectations  i could't be disappointed anyways.

I won't lie, i tend to be apathetic, just kinda "whatever" most of the time. The same attitude that makes it so things aren't so bad, can do the opposite. I mean nothing seams overly great either. Maybe it is just being medicated that makes you see life through a fuzzy tunnel. Then again, like i said i am off the meds now and i don't feel any different. (which is a good thing)

Well i was rambling, but i get questions a lot about how i am adjusting. So that is it. My next post i will focus on how my 3yr old is doing.

We got a puppy!

Well my husband finally got his way....we got a puppy. I am not an animal hater, but i just am not a an animal person. They are fun to look at and play with, but i don't really want to take care of them. We currently have three cats, an iguana, a turtle and now a puppy. Anyways though i am not thrilled with her and i informed Cesar he was on permanent poop duty, she is sweet and cute and Daniel loves her.

She is a pointer/lab mix and her name is Ruby.

Fun at the beach

 This past weekend we made a day trip to Melaque and Barra de Navidad. The beach is about 1hr and 40min from our house and well worth the drive. I would say it is one of my favorite things to do.

I love the food, the shopping, the sand and the water. There is not much to say about the trip, so i will share some photos!

Cesar being silly with his new old man hat

Buying from the vendors

My new cowgirl hat


A night at the circus

I thought i would let you all know how the circus went. In my opinion it was the worst circus ever. The best part was laughing at how much the performers sucked. The kids loved it though and that is the important thing. First we arrived and got to check out the "enormous" free zoo.

Pretty impressive huh? Probably wondering how we saw it all.

Then it was time to buy tickets. The guy in the pic was like 6ft tall and had to reach up to buy his ticket. I guess if your like a midget your out of luck...Tickets were 30pesos (about $2.50) each. Really not a bad price

Inside was one ring. They did not allow photos of the circus and i
am not a rule breaker so i didn't take any. Essentially the first half was dancers and acrobats. All were slightly over weight and not so good. They had a short intermission and than people dressed in dirty looney toons costumes came out and danced around. The best part were the end with the animals. "TARZAN" was the highlight. He was a middle aged, pot bellied receding hairline man in a leopard thong. It was hilarious. He did some stuff with various animals including, goats, camels, cougars, and monkeys. None of the animals looked starved or beaten, but who knows what happens behind the scenes.

The links up above

Just an FYI on the home, about us, FAQs, and contact links at the top of my blog...they don't work and i am not smart enough with HTML code to make them work or even figure out how to remove them. My blog is from a template not one i created and i really don't know how to personalize it. They drive me nuts, so i figured i would let you all know that i know they don't work 8)

The Daily Delivery

One thing i can't complain about here is convenience Just about everything can be delivered. Hungry? I don't know a rester aunt here who won't bring you your food. Prefer to cook your own? The butcher delivers, the seafood vendor delivers, the tortilla guy stops by every day. Need a little something extra? You can almost bet there is at least one mini grocery store on your block.

Besides the people you call for things, there are some things you can expect on a daily basis without having to order it. Gas for example. The gas truck comes by pretty early and you can hear it coming from a mile away. The water guy also comes every day. (he brings the drinking water) The ice cream man always passes as well as Daniel's favorite, the Tejuino guy (his name is Cheo)

Plus random people come to the door selling vegetables, chicken, home made goods. Whatever they think might be of value.

All in all, it isn't to hard to be lazy around here with all these people bringing you things 8)

The circus is coming!!

Today we got a little parade down our street handing out coupons and drumming up business for the circus....

January is a good month here...

January here in El Grullo is when we have our "Fiestas" They start the 13th and run through the end of the month. Basically the fair comes to town, there is rides, games, food vendors. On top of that there is the rodeo nightly and lots of different music performers, kid shows and comics. The big hit this year is Julian Alvarez. As i am not into Spanish music i really don't know much other than it is a pretty big name in Latino music. Also there is cock fights, which i totally don't like or have any interest in and one night there will be matadors. I am interested in seeing the bull fights to an extent. It is something new to experience and may be fun to watch. The thing that bothers me is that these bull fights are to to the death and i hate to see innocent animals (or people God forbid) killed.

Speaking of animal cruelty the circus is here starting tomorrow. We plan on going, there isn't alot to do here and any sort of activity is fun. I am not anti-circus though i know a lot of people are. I hope the animals are well treated and in decent condition. We shall see.

If only they knew.....

I can't help but laugh when i see some of the t shirts unsuspecting people have on. I am speaking of shirts with English phrases. I have to assume (or hope) that the wearer does not know what message their shirt is conveying. I see alot of these t shirts sold in stores. Obvious rejects from the US where the sensible person has more class than to wear shirts with such is some i have seen lately

- Young girl with a shirt saying "it ain't easy being easy"
- A collection of shirts at the clothes store that say "stop looking at my ass"
- A man wearing a tshirt that is obviously for a female that says across the chest "my face is up there" with an arrow pointing up
- My all time favorite (in an OMG that poor lady kinda way) an older woman was at our house with a shirt that said "nice people swallow"

UPDATE 1/3/11.....this evening in the town square a young girl (maybe 10ish) shirt said "your man said i am delicious"
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