This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Thoughts on immigration Reform

I was reading an article in the news yesterday about an immigration rally here in Seattle. I made the mistake of letting myself read the comment section full of hate and anger towards immigrants (actually towards Mexicans really) It is just a shame how misinformed and ignorant the public really is.

They see the word immigration and tend to think illegals coming here and stealing our jobs and money. They see reform and they think amnesty. They don't realize how much more there is to the CIR (comprehensive immigration reform) If they did i think we would see more supporters. CIR is about border security. It is about taking care of the huge illegal problem. Yes it may give a legal status to illegals, but like it or not the US will never be able to just get rid of everyone here illegally. There simply is not the man power. CIR is about looking at all that is wrong with the system and fixing it.

There is reuniting families. Looking at unfair and restrictive bans and seeing what can be done for people who are separated. There is finding solutions for a system that has a waiting time of months or years to navigate through. Taking care of problems in overcrowded INS detention centers. And this is not just about Mexicans, It is about Chinese, and Europeans, and people from Uzbekistan or anywhere who want to come to this country and make a better life for themselves.

So for those people who think CIR is just about making an illegal legal, look more into it. If you want to then say that it is a horrible idea, that is fine. That is what being in a free country is all about 8)

And the list keeps growing...

 I swear pretty soon i am going to dedicate my life to just reading blogs. I love that there are so many blogs out there of people facing similar situations. It is crazy how you click on one person's profile,(which you find on a blog you already follow) and than you follow their blog. Then you have to check out the blogs they follow. Oh yeah, add 5 more blogs to the follow list. Than how about check out the blogs those people follow. I mean it can go on all day. I don't follow every blog i see that of people like me, but i follow a lot. I think it is great!

Vacation booked 8)

I bought my plane tickets to Mexico over the weekend. I will be headed down Aug 18 to 30th. I am pretty excited. Got a good deal through Delta. which i have never flown. They connect in Salt Lake City, which makes me nervous because i have never been to that airport, so will probably get lost.

I am hoping to go to Melaque/barra de navidad weather permitting. I love the beach. We also want to go to  Other than that, it will be shopping for furniture for our sons new room and planning the move and just relaxing!

I think we have come to a decision.

As is stands now, me and my son are going to move to Mexico this November. I am at peace with the decision. The timing finally seems right. At this point we are going to be going on tourists visas and staying the max 6months if we can. Part of me i know is wanting to do that just because i know that if i HAVE to come back to the states it will happen and i will have to have that money available to come. Plus i am lazy and don't want to deal with immigration paperwork.

In August me and my son will go for a visit, maybe 2 weeks, because if we don't than it will be 6months without seeing my husband and i just don't think i can stand that. My goal now is to really buckle down and save these next five months. I am sure they will fly by as life seems to the older you get.

Anyways just a quick update for ya all! Wish me luck and if you have any helpful advice about things to do or get ready before moving feel free to dispense it.

Postsecret of the week.

I am addicted to postsecret. I wait every week to see what is on. Sometimes i laugh, sometimes i cry, sometimes i gag. I figure i have a new "bit" I am gonna pick my fave each week and post it. See what others think.

Here is this weeks...

 Whoever wrote this, i pray for them. I pray that one day they will see a society that does not make people feel that way. I doubt it will happen, because prejudice probably will not die until the day our Lord returns to this earth.

Some things i like and a few things i don't...

When the dog bites,  When the bee stings, When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don't feel so bad

  • Salted Carmels. I will pay $9.99 for a package of eight little smoked sea salt carmels at Whole Foods. Are they worth that much? I do think so.
  • Starbucks. Overpriced coffee that has some secret addictive additive. I must have my lattes.
  • Smore's. Who can resist these camping classics? Smear a bit of peanut butter on and i am in heaven.
  • Long ribbed tank tops. I wear these under everything. My long torso makes most shirts to short. These are a lifesaver.
  • Water slides. A slide with water? Enough said.
  • Cheese. Mmmmm....I love cheese. It is God's food.
  • Country music. Brings me back to my roots. 8)
  • The Vampire Diaries...Hot Vampires. Drool
  • Harry Potter and Twilight. (the books, not so much the movies)

A few things i don't like.....

  • People who hate on other people.
  • Wet socks
  • PDA's
  • Corn Tortillas
  • Rolling coins. They are filthy.
Well that was a completely pointless post. But oh well.

To Kindle or not to Kindle??

I am so bored i am sitting around hoping other people will post blogs, so i figure, why don't i go ahead and do a post....

I have been tossing around the idea of getting a Amazon Kindle for like months now. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is an electronic reader. A few people at my work have them and they are pretty cool. Now for living here, i am happy with the library. But as my future holds living in Mexico, i can't help to think it would be a great way to continue reading. I hear English books there are expensive and few and far between. With a kindle i can get any book i want and just download it on to the kindle. Now i know i could read on the computer, but that is an eyestrain and just not convenient. The kindle is really cool and uses electronic ink so it looks just like a book.

I looked into the ipad as well, but well i have a laptop, i don't really need an ipad when i just want the device for using as an ereader. It is just to pricey for that. So anyways i suppose i will throw the idea around a bit more. In the end i will most likely buy it, i am just wishy washy when it comes to these things.

Any of my fellow bloggers have one of these spiffy devices??
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