This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Getting packed

Dang i have a lot of stuff! I really up until this point was not concerned with what i would or would not bring thinking i did not have much to bring anyways. Me and Daniel both have tons of clothes though. I guess my shopping habit once again is not working in my favor. As far as how much luggage we can bring, we both get 2 up to 50 lb suitcases without excess fees...than we each get a carry on. So i guess i can get most of my clothes, some favorite books and toys of Daniels, Plus various things i may or may not need. Plus Christmas gifts, as i bought most of them here.

Sigh, i suppose now is the time to donate those jeans from 10 yrs ago that i swear i am gonna lose enough weight to fit into. LOL

Question for those who ship and or mail stuff between US and Mexico

What services do you use? I have mailed cards to my husband via USPS and they take over a month to get there if they even make it. I just tried the USPS flat rate box, because a friend said she received one mailed from the US in about 5 days. I wanted to test how long that takes.

I looked at UPS and FedEx and they seem really expensive. I am not planning on shipping anything major or at all really, i am just thinking if my parents want to mail me a care package or anything what the best route to go is....

Frusterated and a bit nervous....

I had my husband check the cost of the medications i am on in the pharmacy in Mexico......They were alot....a little over $1500 pesos a month. Now that is cheaper than here, but considering the loss of income we will have that is alot of money especially in Mexican terms. More than we can afford long term at least. Now this is anxiety/depression medication so i won't die or anything if i go off it, but the possibility of not being on it is chilling. I am not ready for that.

I am going to talk to my psychiatrist on Friday and see if there is another less expensive medication i can try. The one i currently take has no generic, which accounts for the high prices. Here it would cost me around $400 a month but my psychiatrist supplies me with unlimited free samples making it possible to be on.

Anyways i am praying for a solution to this little bump in the road.

Almost 8yrs accident free...

This November will be the 8yr anniversary at my job. I have never had an accident or claim or anything. Well yesterday i shut my fingers in the safe. Not just any safe but a huge bigger than me bank safe. I have never felt pain like that in my life. Holy Moly. I thought i had lost my fingers. Amazingly enough nothing broken. A few nasty cuts and alot of bruising, but that is all. At the moment it happened though i figured i was going to be hand less. My fingers are pretty tough i suppose.

On another note, 6 weeks till the big day. People keep asking what i am doing to prepare.....uhhhhhhh nothing? Does popping xanax count? LOL. Really i am not doing much of anything other than getting Christmas shopping done. I have no loose ends. I live with my parents. I am bringing basically only clothing with me. I have given notice at my job. I really don't know what i should be doing? I am going on a tourist visa so no paper work is needed. I feel very chill about the whole thing. Maybe it is just a coping mechanism but i really don't think about the whole situation to much or for too long.

The big day....

Well i booked my one way tickets....November 22 is the big day. Seven days after my 28th birthday. Twenty eight years of living with in a 20mile radius of where i was born. Yikes. .That is all i got. Yikes
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