This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Getting my sons dual citizenship

Well now that i am back we are working on getting my son's dual-citizenship and my visa. We are starting with my son, as it seems a bit more straight forward. Because my husband is a Mexican citizen, getting our sons worked out is fairly simple (or so the office that does it says) We spoke to the office in town that does this service yesterday. They said we needed our sons apostilled birth certificate translated (costs 250pesos) which we did today. Than we brought the office that document plus  a photocopy of both me and my husbands birth certificates and IDs and they told us to come back in two days and we can get his Mexican birth certificate. Seemed a bit easy to me, but we shall see. Now if we want him to get a Mexican passport we will need to do that in Guadalajara, as well as do my paperwork down there. Hoping getting Daniel registered goes as smooth as it is seeming too, so than we can enroll him in school.

Blogger Problems

A few other people have mentioned blogger problems and i am noticing them as well. The annoying one for me is i can't seem to make comments on my blog. So if you commented and asked something i am not ignoring you, i just can't respond!

A day in the city

Last Tuesday we made the 3hr drive into Guadalajara. My mom flew out of GDL on Wednesday morning and we decided to stay the night in historical Guadalajara since we really enjoy that area (ok when i say we i mean we, my husband just isn't a city goer) We stayed at the Hotel Morales, mainly because we had stayed there before and know we like the location and that the hotel is nice and clean.

Last time we stayed downtown we did the carriage ride. This time we decided to do the bus tour. It was fun. A bit hot to sit on the top though and i got a horrible burn. We took the tour into Tlaquepaque since it was an area we had not seen of the city. It was lovely. Lots of artsy places which i enjoy. 

I really enjoy the city, while i would not want to live downtown in a metropolitan area, i would love to be close enough that i could visit anytime i wanted. I love the atmosphere and most of all the people watching. The poverty in the streets is a bit disconcerting. It makes me sad to see children begging and so many adults who are very handicapped. For whatever reason, you just don't see that kind of poverty in small towns. I know people here are poor, but i don't see much if any homelessness or begging. You want to help everyone, but well eventually you run 
out of change, and  realize it just is not possible to give to every child who sticks a sticker on your shirt.

Busy week

My mom has been here with us since we got home. So we have been doing fun "touristy" things. Besides the week in Vallarta, we have been to Melaque (another beach town) and lots of exploring around town. My mom leaves Wednesday out of Guadalajara, so we are going to Guad tomorrow to spend the night downtown in the historical district. I love historic Guadalajara. The cathedrals, the architecture, the art. I am very excited. Last time we took a fun carriage ride around. This time we are going on a bus tour. Looking forward to it. Sad to see my mom leave on Wed, but glad we had a chance for some fun, as things can be a bit dull around here at times.

Puerto Vallarta.

Well after five weeks in the good ol' US of A, me, my son and my mom flew into Puerto Vallarta (PV) to meet my husband for a week of relaxation at the Marival resort (this is actually in Nuevo Vallarta (NV) about 20 min north of PV, i just say PV since no one seems to know what NV is, but since i have some readers from the area i am just letting you know that i know the diff)

This was are second visit to the resort (first for my mom) and it was as lovely as the first time. It is an all inclusive resort so you can just eat and drink all day for free. The beach is my favorite thing about Mexico so i was in heaven.  During our visit we also went to downtown PV to the Malecon (boardwalk), to Mismaloya, the PV botanical gardens, and to Buceias.

We had an incredible time. I wish i could post all the pics but it takes to long. I posted them on my FB page so you can check them out there if you wish. I will show a few of my faves for ya'all

View from our hotel room

Eating at one of the many hotel restaurants

Sunset on the beach

Me and my mom

 Sculpture on the Malecon

Back home

Just a drop in to say we made it back to El Grullo. Vallarta was amazing (i will type up a post this week) The weather is stifling hot. But it is good to be home.

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge was awesome! We had so much fun. Besides the water park we had a blast doing other activities at the hotel. They had an arcade, an art room, animal stuffing station, story times, and the MagicQuest game. This is a thing where you buy a magic wand and go on quests. For Daniel's age, who do not understand the quests, the magic wands also make things happen (Animals come to life, things light up or make noises) Other than Disneyland, it was one of the funnest kid activities i have done. 

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