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Neighborhood Politics

Oh how things work here in Mexico......There is a store literally across the street from Cesar's house. This is where we get most anything we need. Well this time when i come, i am informed we no longer shop there. I have no idea why, other than "problems" Lucky for me there is another store down the block, but it is not as big and the selection sucks. I just want to use the store across the street, but apparently i would be crossing some line. Who knows.....

Also i keep forgetting....don't flush the toilet paper. I just struggle with remembering, and hence clogging the toilet. It is a hard habit to break. Anyways. All is well. Hot, muggy, but well


The Planner said...

Ha, I always have to remind myself of the toilet paper thing in Peru, too! Luckily I've never clogged the toilet, but it is a hard habit to break.

Karen in Boston said...

Will Cesar tell you the details why you don't shop there later?

I'd have a hard time remembering not to flush TP too.

Leslie Harris de Limon said...

I'd ask Cesar what happened with the owner of the store. Obviously there was some sort of problem, if not directly with Cesar, with another member of the family. And if one family member has a problem, so does the rest of the family.

Laura said...

Just wait till it's the other way around with the toilet paper - you get back to the US and have a hard time remembering to not throw your TP in the garbage!! Yeah, that's happened to me :)

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