This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

I have nothing to say but.....

I just wanted to let you all know i am still alive 8) Still planning on moving late November, and still have no actual date yet. I am blessed that i am flexible and can kinda work around what works.

I was able to send a bunch of stuff to California for a friend of Cesar's to bring down to him, which is great. It was all things i wanted, but figured it would be too hard to transport on the plane. On top of that i got a TV of so that we can also have a TV in our room. I love watching movies and Cesar's dad watches a ton of tv so i didn't want to take TV time from him. Plus i can get a Wii fit and work out in the privacy of the bedroom.

I am getting a bit nervous about money. My husband supports both his parents and he has 2 older children from a previous relationship he also supports. Add me and Daniel to the mix it may be hard without my income. I currently still send him money on occasion, though it is usually for larger unexpected things (doctors, car problems, etc...) I have some savings, but unfortunately with the 6 trips i have made down there in the last year, it isn't what i hoped it would be. We will just have to trust God and really be frugal. (yeah i know i just said i bought a new tv....well maybe the money would have been better saved, but considering i will be doing nothing down there i need my sanity.)


Leah said...

Nerves are normal, amiga. It will no doubt be an adjustment, but I have confidence that you two will make it work. Plus you might find opportunities to work down here. I've been offered several opportunities to teach English and one offer to teach art at a private school, but I've turned them down because I like working at home, at the computer. All change is uncertain, so there is a bit of fear. But you will see that dissipate after some time here.

Karen in Boston said...

Hi lady - I miss you already, but I know you'll find a way(s) to make everything work for the best!

I'm also going to get my rear in gear to return your flat self to Seattle before you move. ♥

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