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Phone service here sucks. There is one option for a landline. Telmex. We got our last months phone/slash internet bill....1250 pesos. That is about $100. We called the company to see if we could change plans. The problem is there is no plans that allow you to call cell phones for free. So every call made to a cell phone costs extra. Our base plan is $389 pesos (about $32) That includes 100 free calls. It does not matter how long you talk, your charged by call not by minute. Plus DSL and WIFi... Pretty much all the extra charges are cell phones. Seems outrageous. We are going to switch to the 599 peso plan ($49) that way we get a faster internet connection and 200 calls to landlines. Hopefully that helps. Just seems weird how the phone works here.


Leslie Limon said...

But at least you will be able to switch plans! We have Telmex as well, but the phone is in the house-owner's name. IF we want to change plans, the owner herself, who lives in Northern California, has to make a one-hour drive to the nearest "city" and request a change in plans. As far as the cell phones go, we have 2, which we use only to call or text eachother. If your cells are both from the same company, Telcel or Movistar, you can call/text each other for free.

Krystal said...

My understanding is that it works this way because you can still receive phone calls on your cell phone even when you have no credit so the caller is the one paying the "cost" of the call. Here in the US, the receiver is also "charged" for the call depending on their plan.

Amanda said...

We were doing what Leslie said, you get use to texting and hardly ever calling. If you both get cell phones and do the thing where you just put min on them its the cheapest way.

Meet the Family said...

Have you considered Vonage. We use it here in Mexico and have since we arrived. Heres the can call Mexico #s as well, land and cell numbers. We pay 24.99 a month and tis unlimited. The negative, people in MX wont be calling in, but to place calls and have unlimeted time to talk to friend and family back home in Oregon is priceless...

Anonymous said...

ooo good info!!
i do know too that the cell can have zero credit and still recv calls and txts, both national and international. we use that to our advantage! also, good for a business line bc you most likely are advertising the number for calls to you rather than cold calling people... gotta work the system!:)

amber from charlotte, nc

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