This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Settling in

Just wanted to say i made it back to Washington safe and sound. I have started working and it feels like i never left. I am so ready for a vacation ... :)

Other than missing Cesar we are doing well. Daniel is having fun and is signed up for some VBS's this summer to keep him busy while i work.

I don't have a good internet connection (dial-up) at my parents, so i may be on and off the next few months. I have my ticket home to Mexcio on October 1st. Gives us something to look forward too.


ArmyMustang said...

Have a great summer home with the family and get those dollars in the bank! If I get near your area this summer, we'll have to meet up! If not, I'll see you this winter when we come up to GDL to visit friends.


Valarie said...

It's funny how things always fall right back into place of where they were before you left. Each time I go back it seems like I never left. Weird!

Glad you made it back safely and are settling in. I'm sure the time will go by quickly.

Have fun while you are there!

lisa n javi said...

Glad you made it safely. I know its going to be hard but like you said at least you have a day to look forward to. It always so much easier that way. Take care and hope you and Daniel have a great summer with your family.

Jackie said...

I'm happy to hear you made it back safe and sound. Time will fly and before you know it, you'll be back in Mexico.

Kelsey said...

Wow! I haven't been keeping up on my blogs and I just saw this. That's a BIG decision and opportunity! I hope the summer goes as well for you as it is going for us so far being back in the States the past few weeks :) I was hoping to go back to El Salvador in October as well, but we are going to see how it goes. The country there is not safe at all right now, so we are going to wait it out. Good luck with everything and enjoys all the comforts and luxuries of the States as I am ;)

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