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Frusterated and a bit nervous....

I had my husband check the cost of the medications i am on in the pharmacy in Mexico......They were alot....a little over $1500 pesos a month. Now that is cheaper than here, but considering the loss of income we will have that is alot of money especially in Mexican terms. More than we can afford long term at least. Now this is anxiety/depression medication so i won't die or anything if i go off it, but the possibility of not being on it is chilling. I am not ready for that.

I am going to talk to my psychiatrist on Friday and see if there is another less expensive medication i can try. The one i currently take has no generic, which accounts for the high prices. Here it would cost me around $400 a month but my psychiatrist supplies me with unlimited free samples making it possible to be on.

Anyways i am praying for a solution to this little bump in the road.


Mama of 4 said...

Maybe Amanda can chime in and give you some advice, I know she is getting really inexpensive care at the Seguro Social.

Krystal said...

Perfect timing for your post! I'm running around town trying to fill all Mia's prescriptions before we leave. I hadn't thought of pricing them down there, great idea! Hopefully you'll have less stress and depression once you guys are together again.

Karen in Boston said...

Would they be cheaper if you signed up for mail-order delivery? If they can't be sent to Mexico directly, maybe they could ship to your parents' house, and they could re-send to you from there?

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