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Question for those who ship and or mail stuff between US and Mexico

What services do you use? I have mailed cards to my husband via USPS and they take over a month to get there if they even make it. I just tried the USPS flat rate box, because a friend said she received one mailed from the US in about 5 days. I wanted to test how long that takes.

I looked at UPS and FedEx and they seem really expensive. I am not planning on shipping anything major or at all really, i am just thinking if my parents want to mail me a care package or anything what the best route to go is....


Leah said...

I usually go USPS for cost purposes. They take forever, but it does eventually get there. Otherwise, FedEx and DHL are faster, but not super fast. At least not here. And if you aren't home when they go out for delivery, you have to pick up yourself.

Be sure to tell your family to make packages as 'gift' when they fill out the customs form. And never value anything much over $50 or you will have a hefty customs fee.

Krystal said...

I was sending a USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate box every other week to my sister-in-law and she was getting it in about 7-8 days with one exception. The box that I shipped the week before the Mexican Independence day took one month to arrive. I always mark it as a gift and write down the value that I pay and she's never had to pay any customs fee but I might be lucky there too. If you keep the white customs slip, there is a number under the barcode on the top and you can call and track whether it has reached Mexico, been released by Mexican customs, etc.

Anonymous said...

We use esta feta. But I haven't really compared like my normal exhausting research that i do on things like this... they are reliable, and only have had one case where it got may be cheaper... just one more to check out though...

amber h from charlotte, nc

Abby Lee Macias said...

I use the regular post office. They get there in 8 days for a package and it has never been lost well at least to Morelos which flys into Mexico city. The guy at the post office told me they fly all packages to mexico now due to stole materials. Also they told me that the US post office is in mexico teaching them how to set up a different system, so the hope that in the near future there will be a good system set up! But I use the priority mail for national and international mailing. It is 10.70 in the US all over the nation and abroad more but not too bad. There is insurance too for not much. I have mailed expensive stuff and with insurance it always gets there. I am going to mail Gil a labtop soon and with insurance if it gets stolen we get a check but it will get there without a problem. BUt I would try the regular post office they work very well with mexico!

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