This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Any regrets?

I get this question a lot from people, do i regret quitting my job and leaving the life i knew to move to a country that is portrayed as less than desirable. I answer honestly that my only regret was the year and a half i spent in the US apart from my husband. The fear of the unknown that kept our family apart and strained our relationship. I can't sit around though wishing i had done things different as it doesn't change anything.

I know a lot of the people who read this blog  our making that same hard decision, should i move or should i stay? I think everyone situation is different. While i regret not moving sooner, maybe if i had moved right away i would have felt different. Maybe all the trips and taking the time to make the decision is what made the transition so easy. I guess i will never know. I suppose though if i were handing out advice, i would say don't wait. Be together as a family. That is what you committed to when you got married. I know sometimes obligations, safety and finances make it hard, but do what you can. You deserve it, your spouse deserves it and if you have kids, they defiantly deserve it. I think i struggled way more the time we were apart than i do now.


ArmyMustang said...

That is my feeling too only I'm doing it in reverse. I'm going back and forth to Mexico to prepare things for us while he stays at home in the US. Then we go down, we'll be going down together to the best of our abilities. The only time we forsee spending apart is during his appointment and waiting on the waiver. That way he can spend time and visit his family without me sitting around bored, lol.


Meet the Family said...

You have to do what you want and what best for your family and situation. "Never regret anything, because at one point you wanted it."

Refried Dreamer said...

I miss the States too... but I also did the same thing you did... it took me about a year to finally follow my husband and make the move down here. While I missed him alot during that time, i think it was for the better. During that transition time, I realized that I could support my family just fine (harder, no doubt) in the States without him. And finally, when I made the move, it was because I WANTED TO.... not because I HAD to. I think that made the trip easier, the transition more peaceful, and without resentment towards my husband.

Lisa n Javi said...

I agree with you about moving right away and being with your family. The small trips do help you adjust and make the transitions easier though. If I did not have financial problems I would not be here right now. I would be in Mexico.

Rebecca said...

Lisa, you drove in right? Not sure if it any different from flying. When you fly you are issued a visa good for up to six months. When you leave via the airport they takke the visa in the airport regardless of how long you stayed. Then when you come back you just get naother. Does not matter how long you left the country

Lisa n Javi said...

Ok then it is different I think. We did drive in and they did not say anything about a visa. I just went to get one just in case and when I came back I flew into TJ not the states. I walked across the border and they just scanned my passport but they did not say anything about the visa so Im guessing I still have it?

svillarreal said...

I wish I knew what the outcome of our visa process will be. I wish I could be with my husband until he is approved to come back to the US. It is so hard living apart. They make it so hard.

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