This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Going Home...

So I am still at the point where i consider Seattle to be home, not sure if that will ever change. Anyways i booked my trip back! Really since i am on a tourist visa i have to return to the states by May 22. I found a decent price on tickets for April 6th. Originally i was planning on only a 2 or 3 week visit, but because of airfare returning and hotel deals (we are spending some time in Vallarta) I am staying five weeks. I will come back on May 12 with my mom and we are spending 5 days in Puerto Vallarta (for those who read previous post we decided on the all-inclusive) because my mom is staying extra and returning thorough Guadalajara, we can always add on extra nights at the time if we think we need it 8)

Anyways i am super excited to see my friends and family, eat at my favorite restaurants and most of all shopping shopping shopping!! I also will get my documentation together so we can apply for residency here in Mexico and not travel back and forth every 6months, which gets costly.


Meet the Family said...

Exciting! Im itching for a trip back to the northwest..Portland, OR is our home. I know what you mean about having to make the travels every 6 mo. Getting your FM is a breeze, enjoy PV, my favorite place in Mexico!

Kelsey said...

I have to travel back and forth from El Salvador to Indiana every 3 months! We can't afford to get residency, plus I go back to make money. I used to be so excited about going home, but now I would rather just stay here. I do look forward to the restaurants and shopping though! Those are the things worth going for. ha!

Jackie said...

You're soooo lucky Rebecca! I would love to take a trip back home, but that's just not possible right now. I bet you're excited to eat your "Mexican" food from there, no? How I would love to go to Target and of course, Taco Bell.

Lisa n Javi said...

Have a great trip! Hey Rebecca do you have to wait till the tourist visa is expired to renew. I just got back to the states and I have my visa till may. I think I am going back in april though. Do I have to wait the full six months to renew?

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