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The not so lovely side of Mexico..

I try to stay positive on here, mainly because i think when you focus on the negative things can seem worse than they are. I also belove in honesty though so this post is dedicated to some things i hate about Mexico....


It is dirty here. No matter how often you dust of clean there is always a new layer of dust. We live in an area with all paved roads, and it is still dirty. People actually wet the sidewalks and roads in front of their house several times a day to keep the dust down. On top of that there is a huge sugar cane plantation in town. When they burn the cane it snows black ash. Huge fluffly flakes of burnt sugar cane. Everywhere.


It is noisy here. Twenty four hours a day. First, there are animals, there is no laws as to who can have animals so they are everywhere. Our neighbors have chickens, goats and the most annoying sounding animals...donkeys. Then there is the neighbor kid who blasts his stereo. And the people who park outside and just honk and honk until the person they are looking for comes out of the house. The church bells start at like 5am and they are loud and every few minutes. On top of that we live close to the town center, we have no reason to buy tickets to music events since we can hear them just fine from our bed...till around 3am.


If there are traffic laws here, they are not enforced. People don't use seatbelt, drive while drinking and just about anything is a go when it comes to driving. Person in front of you too slow? Pass on a blind corner, or heck if there is traffic coming, use the shoulder. Speed limits and stop signs are optional. One way streets are a nice idea, but if you want to go the wrong way, just do it. What better place for your baby than your lap while you drive, heck i saw one driver breastfeeding.  You don't multi-task like that in the USA. And one thing i really don't understnad is in the bigger cities you actually make left hand turns from the far right lane....


Leslie Limon said...

OMG! Don't get me started on the dust and driving. The noise used to bother me too, but I've gotten used to it. But there are days that it drives me absolutely crazy.

Ugh, the dust! Hate it! I have to dust my TV, tv table, computer, desk, and dressers 3 or 4 times a day! If I don't, it looks like I haven't dusted in days. :P

The driving is insane. I don't know what's worse, the scooters that insist on passing on the right side instead of the left, the lack of use of turn signals or let's see how many people & children we can fit on a motorcycle.

And the drinking while driving baffles me to no end. In September, which is when our Fiestas are celebrated, drinking and driving is actually encouraged, because there's "tolerance". (The local governments word!) Insane!!!

Erica Marie said...

Girl, I know exactly what your talking about. Check check and check! Somehow, we learn to deal sit back and pretty soon that donkey will be music to your ears....ok maybe thats a little over the top. lol

Lisa n Javi said...

Definetly agree with all three. I remember the first week we got to javiers and I dusted the room. the next morning he asked me when I was going to be dusting. I had just cleaned the room the evening before. It looked like the room had not been cleaned all wk.
I think the driving is worse though, I feel so scared for those little kids that get squished on the motorcycles, especially the tiny little babies. And the drinking wow! There was one car that sat in front of our house for about an hour at 3am just singing along to his radio totally drunk, its not like you have the greatest windows either and it was so loud you could feel the walls and windows shaking.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, not looking forward to any of that when I pack up and move to Mexico.

Jackie said...

Everything you wrote about is sooo true! It's just the way of life here.

When I first moved to Mexico, I thought it was wonderful to have all this freedom. I especially loved being able to cross the street in the middle of the street. Such a no, no back in the States.

But then I realized that we have all those laws in the States for our own good.

One of the "habits" people have in Vallarta is to sit in the back of pick up trucks on plastic chairs. And what just drives me crazy, is if they bounce out of the truck and you run them over, you're held responsible!


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