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Feeling a bit sad....

Tomorrow i leave for 5 weeks in the states. I woke up today feeling sad. Despite the fact that we have spent longer times apart, i don't want to leave my husband. I feel like we suffered for so long apart and we are finally back together and now i am leaving again. Don't get me wrong, i am excited on many levels about my trip. It is not that i don't want to go, i just wish Cesar could come with me. I know it will go fast. I know that some days while i am there i will be having so much fun i may not want to go back to Mexico. I also know there will be days i am sad, that i will miss Cesar, Mexico, and what is now my home. It is still hard to willing take 5 weeks away from my husband when we were apart unwillingly for so long.


Amanda said...

To be honest honey, this is the reason Im not so sad that the girls will be to much and to little for me to leave for a few years. Maybe by then Ill be ready for the break from him again but not yet. When you get back if you need help with your FM2 or a place to stay while doing it you know where we are. And once you have that you wont have to plan a trip so often.

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