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Update on my pay phone charges.

Well good news for me, i have managed to get rid of most of the charges without even dealing with filing a dispute. It took several phone calls, but i got all three of the almost $20 a piece charges dropped, and i got two of the 11.68 charges dropped. So i have ended up only paying $11.68, now that is still alot for phone calls that never connected, but you know what, in comparison to about $100 i am willing to pay $12 and i learned a lesson, and hopefully prevented others from making the same mistake.

The battle is not 100% over, i do have to wait 2-3 weeks for the credits to show up, and hopefully they do. The companies did not have reference numbers they said the reference was their "name" Hopefully though all works out. Fingers crossed.


ArmyMustang said...

I'm glad to hear that! I tried to use a payphone in Germany once and it cost me a ton as well but nothing as crazy as your experience. For now, I'll keep carrying two cell phones everywhere, lol.

Jackie said...

Good for you Rebecca! I'm glad to hear it!

Amanda said...

For sure good news.

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