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Getting my sons dual citizenship

Well now that i am back we are working on getting my son's dual-citizenship and my visa. We are starting with my son, as it seems a bit more straight forward. Because my husband is a Mexican citizen, getting our sons worked out is fairly simple (or so the office that does it says) We spoke to the office in town that does this service yesterday. They said we needed our sons apostilled birth certificate translated (costs 250pesos) which we did today. Than we brought the office that document plus  a photocopy of both me and my husbands birth certificates and IDs and they told us to come back in two days and we can get his Mexican birth certificate. Seemed a bit easy to me, but we shall see. Now if we want him to get a Mexican passport we will need to do that in Guadalajara, as well as do my paperwork down there. Hoping getting Daniel registered goes as smooth as it is seeming too, so than we can enroll him in school.


Trinidad said...

Hope it works out to be that easy. I had to get mine in San Francisco and it took over a year. I almost didnt get it because the consulate said I was already 18 but I told them that the paperwork was submitted before I turned 18 and that the delay occured with them and not me!

It is good you are taking care of the paperwork now as apposted to later. :)

Lisa n Javi said...

Hope everything works out and goes smoothly.

Kelsey said...

That's great you are doing that. I really want to get Liliana dual-citizenship as well. We hear it's a simple process in ES, but you never know. Hopefully when we return we will get it done. Good to know about getting the birth certificate appostilled. Maybe I'll do that here. I hear it's $50 at the U.S. Embassy.

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