This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

A day in the city

Last Tuesday we made the 3hr drive into Guadalajara. My mom flew out of GDL on Wednesday morning and we decided to stay the night in historical Guadalajara since we really enjoy that area (ok when i say we i mean we, my husband just isn't a city goer) We stayed at the Hotel Morales, mainly because we had stayed there before and know we like the location and that the hotel is nice and clean.

Last time we stayed downtown we did the carriage ride. This time we decided to do the bus tour. It was fun. A bit hot to sit on the top though and i got a horrible burn. We took the tour into Tlaquepaque since it was an area we had not seen of the city. It was lovely. Lots of artsy places which i enjoy. 

I really enjoy the city, while i would not want to live downtown in a metropolitan area, i would love to be close enough that i could visit anytime i wanted. I love the atmosphere and most of all the people watching. The poverty in the streets is a bit disconcerting. It makes me sad to see children begging and so many adults who are very handicapped. For whatever reason, you just don't see that kind of poverty in small towns. I know people here are poor, but i don't see much if any homelessness or begging. You want to help everyone, but well eventually you run 
out of change, and  realize it just is not possible to give to every child who sticks a sticker on your shirt.


Jackie said...

Hey Rebecca, did you guys make it to visit Amanda and Isaac? I would have loved to have the opportunity to meet you even if it was just a quick hello. We need to get you here for a "bloggers reunion." That would be fun! :) I see that your followers are missing too.

Rebecca said...

Jackie, we did not have time to see Amanda. I would love to meet you and any other people out there. My husband does not much like the city, so it takes some whining to get him to make the drive, but hopefully next time we can meet.

Amanda said...

Yes Issac and I were both sad we didnt get to see you all. Im glad you had fun and I also wish you lived close enough to visit downtown often because that would mean you could visit me more often. Thanks for all the encouraging emails after you heard of the break in. looking forward to the next time we can plan something.

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