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This whole bed just for me??

I have a confesion to make. We co-sleep. Not because we go for that "natural parenting" stuff, just because things got to a point where we did not know how to fix the problem.

See our son never slept well. Despite that at about 3months of age he was put into his crib. It was hard because he just did not want to sleep. And i mean waking up every hr or so. By the time he was twelve months he was no joke waking up about every 30 min. And he would not fall asleep by himself (without getting into details we tried letting him cry it out two times and it was something i would never do again)  I went back to work when our son was 6weeks old. I had to get up to get ready for work at 3am. Daniel would fall asleep around 11pm. So imagine me going to bed around 11pm, waking up every 30min or so, spending about 15min to get a hysterical child back to sleep, going back to bed and than getting up at 3am and going to work. I got off work at 1230 and  Daniel would take his nap on the drive home from getting him from my moms. I was stressed, tired and anxiety ridden.

At 13months we started cosleeping again. I was at the end of my emotional rope. Needless to say he still woke up screaming and crying, but i did not have to get out of bed and it was faster to calm him down. At three he was still waking up 2 to 3 times a night. (By the way we were not feeding him or giving him milk that stopped at 15months) He recently started sleeping through the night (at 4yrs old) and we have decided to tackle what seem like the impossible, getting him to sleep in his own bed.

For two weeks now me or my husband have slept with him in his room. We are at the point where we are going to stay with him till he falls asleep and when (if) he gets up again we will go back with him till he falls asleep. I have a confession to make though, after sharing a bed for over 3yrs (and well many years more with my husband) I sercretly enjoy the nights where my husband is with Daniel and i get the whole king size bed to myself. HEHEHE

Anyways wish us luck on the next step to independent sleeping!


lisa n javi said...

Good luck!! I have to confess it is nice to have all the room to yourself. It is an adjustment everytime I go back to mexico after sleeping alone for months.

Karen said...

A friend of mine here has a boy who sleeps really poorly too. She finally realized that he has a problem with his serotonin levels and that when he is outside during the day and eats more veggies he does a bit better. They are going to take him to a pediatric neurologist to check him sleeping anyway to see if there is anything else they can do.

It is difficult when nobody sleeps! I hope it gets better.

Karen said...

That's great news that Daniel's sleeping better now, I think you deserve a night in the king bed to yourself every now & then. =)

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