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Registering for school

Well we got our sons Mexican BC, it was actually really easy and took only 2 days for us to get it. We were able to get it though our Government office in town, so no long drives either. With that in hand we were ready to register our son for preschool. Most kids here start at age three. They go to three years of Kinder. It is five days a week, from 9am to 1pm. Even though this will be our son's first year of school, he will enter the 2nd year, as it is based on age. Hoping with the language barrier and him being a year behind that it will not be to hard on him.

To register him the school wanted copy of his birth certificate, copies of me and my husbands IDs and a copy of his immunization records from the states.

We talked to a few people and after doing a little research we decided on a private kinder that will allow one on one time. They also have an English program. which obviously won't be needed, but there is teachers who speak English there at all times in case there is an emergency or something and our son just is not understanding what to do.

The school is really cute and is in the shape of a castle. The cost for the school is 600pesos (about $50) a month plus 700pesos (about $60) for registration. I can;t comment on if the price is cheap or not or MX, but it is practically free compared to preschool in the states. They also have pick up and drop off service for an additional fee. Something we don;t plan on using, but will be nice if for some reason i can't get out of the house to get him. They serve breakfast for an additional 10pesos (little less than one dollar) or i can send his meal.

I am so ready for the little monkey to be out of the house for a few hours and he is really excited to be with kids (we will see if he is still as thrilled the first day i drop him off and sees i wont be staying) School starts Aug 22 (i think) and I can't wait!


Leslie Limon said...

How exciting! I'm sure Daniel is going to love kindergarten! :) Can't wait to hear more about it! ;)

Lisa n Javi said...

Glad it was pretty easy to get him in to the school. I hope he enjoys it. Sounds like mom is more excited about it though!! lol

Anonymous said...

I want to go to school in a castle!

Refried Dreamer said...

CONGRATS!!! I hope your little one will like it... and you enjoy your free time! :D said...

He will be fine. And compared to the school where I teach, you are getting a fantastic bargain.

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