This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Welcome to my humble home...

A blog reader asked about where i live so i thought i would share some photos of our house. I will start out by saying my husband has put a lot of work into this house. When i arrived here for the first visit two years ago i cried because there was no way i could stay in the house for 3 weeks, let alone forever. See nothing had been done in 40yrs to the house. Nothing. Dirt floors, no ceiling, no real doors or windows. Insects and lizards everywhere. Well over the last 2yrs it has turned into something livable. We are not totally done, but well you need money to renovate 8)  The house has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths

Here are some before and after photos....Please excuse the messes, i did not clean up before i took pics.

The bar area

The living room, had no roof before (shots from different directions)

 Wall looking into the kitchen/dining room area

We switched the rooms for the kitchen and the dining room, since where the kitchen previously was, was a smaller room. We ran out of money before getting the cabinets in unfortunately. That is the next project though.

Dining area

Bedrooms,not the same one, but you get the idea.

 The outside back yard had a lot of garbage. We  now have a covered wash area with a washing machine and my husband has set up his upholstery shop out back as well. The big tree is an avocado tree and we have what looks like hundreds on it right now. I can't wait till they are ready!


Anonymous said...

Wow, your home is beautiful! I really love the living room.

ArmyMustang said...

Your husband has done a fabulous job on the renovation Rebecca, your home is just beautiful! I only hope that with time and money, we'll be able to find something similar. For now, it will be finishing the two "open-air" rooms at his sister's house (missing one wall, rebar open to the sky ceiling, dirt floor, no utilities, etc) but now I have hope after seeing your home. Just beautiful!

Leah said...

Gorgeous house, Rebecca! And gather up those avocados and sell them - market price is 60 pesos/kilo!

Karen said...

Wow! The transformation is really remarkable! You've really made a house a home. I think the "curb appeal" improvements are especially dramatic. :)

Katie said...

You really have transformed that house. Thank you for sharing.

Val said...

It is very nice. I love the big plants that you have in your living room!

lisa n javi said...

Beautiful house Rebecca, I love that it is so open.

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