This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!


I hate Wal-Mart, especially the one in Renton. Anytime i go there i spend the rest of the day regretting it. I swear it is the filthiest Wal-Mart around. Just getting through the parking lot alive is an accomplishment. It is not worth fighting the madness to save like $1.00 over what i could get at Target. Yet, there is some novelty in going there. Like whenever i pass one i must go in and see if i can get some cheap crap i don't need.

Which brings me to what i found to be thrilling news. Cesar told me Wal-Mart bought land and is planning on building in his town. Considering i hate Wal-Mart i dont know why this was so thrilling to me. I think it is the need for familiarity. I "know" wal-mart, therefore having at least one little piece of american life makes me feel comfortable. My husbands town currently has no store names i recognize, nor does it even have Mexico's major chains (Mega or Soriana) So i am very excited at the prospect. The townspeople though, just like here in the US, do not want Wal-Mart moving into their town. The evils of corporate America. Big box comes in and pushes out the little guy. I know, i get it...bad news for the local smaller businesses that would be in competition. Good news for everyone that wants to get cheap crap. So while everyone in town hates the idea, i secretly hope that corporate america wins out....first Wal-Mart, than maybe a Starbucks 8)


Amanda said...

I wonder if it will be an actuall walmart or Aurara. Here they had the sign up before building and we all thought it would be a walmart but it wasnt. Either way it will feel comfortable for you. I actually hardly ever shop at the big stores any more. ;)

Rebecca said...

Hmmm....not sure. When I was there though they were having an "I hate walmart"ralley in the centro and the president said walmar but I really don't know.

Rebecca said...

Your right Amanda, it is a Bodega Aurrera. Too bad 8) I am still holding out hope for a starbucks...hahah

Anonymous said...

walmart is such a comfort when i visit mexico! we always try to stop on the way home from the airport. i get the staples...vegetable soup, peanut butter/jelly, bimbo sandwich bread, huge case of bottled water, and then i usually get some easy refried beans, good queso, and tortillas to have quesadillas for the whole fam. hehehe... each trip though i eat more and more of local foods and drinks. i'm just easing into it bc the first trip last december montezuma revenge took over my body for two and half days of the trip and i thought i was dying! on this shorter trips i can't afford to be sick so i'm super careful.
all part of the adventure though!! i love it!
so bring on the walmart....and i even had a starbucks latte at the mall in lerma just outside of mex city!! heaven!

amber h. from charlotte, nc :)

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