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There is a pill for that.....

It seems to me that Mexicans love medications. Things that i would never go to the DR for everyone here thinks i should be taking something. For example, the neighbor lady is getting a cold. She has already been to the dr and gotten about 5 different medicines. My husband has all these herbal things he takes for who knows what. Every ache, cough and sniffle must be treated. It is why i hesitate to take my son to the dr here. I feel like they over prescribe and unfortunately my husband is on the dr side. I just don't think a sniffle warrants a antibiotic regimen I was also prescribed something once for his fever that i later found out from my pediatrician was outlawed as a drug in most of the civilized world.. Nor do i think that some magic drink is going to cure my son of his "tripping" problem.  

A weird one for me is whenever Daniel gets a scratch they ask if i have put vicks Vapor-rub on to it (they pronounce it va-pa-rooooo which makes me laugh) I don't know about you but menthol in an open wound does not sound like a good time. Sometimes they suggest vasaline instead.

Anyways i research any prescribed or nonprescription meds before taking them. I also try not to bring any sort of sickness to my husbands attention unless necessary because he will insist on a visit to the dr.


Leslie Limon said...

Did you ever watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? In that movie the Greek dad suggested Windex for EVERYTHING! Well, we Mexicans are the same way but with Vaporub. One thing I have learned from my 10 years in Mexico is that Vaporub works wonders on bee stings. Takes the sting and pain away almost immediately. I always have Vaporub in my purse. LOL

As far as the doctors and over-medication, I hear ya! Antibiotics seem to be the most prescribed medicine. My problem with the doctors here is that they just don't listen to us when we tell them that Nick (super-asthmatic) doesn't respond well to certain meds or treatments. I've stopped taking the kids to the doctor here. I just have my Hubby call his Doctor uncles who live GDL and ask them what's wrong with the kids and what meds to give them. And it's actually worked out better for us.

I could go on and on about this subject, but I won't. Just want you to know that I understand what you're feeling. :)

Val said...

It is funny you posted this because Lisa at From one Country to Another just posted a blog entry that talked about her being sick and her in-laws and husband giving her 3 different medications.

From my limited experience, you definitly hit the nail on the head. I find there are a lot of superstitions involved as well.

Very interesting culture and now we are in the middle of it.

Oh, and just wanted to let you know that you are killing me talking about all the desserts you are making. My sweet tooth is throbbing over here!

Rebecca said...

Leslie, i hope nobody gets a beesting and i have to try that, but it is good to know! I have a pediatrican back home i can call and ask questions too which is nice

Val, her post actually gave me the idea 8) And i love baking, unfortunatly i love eating more, so i really should limit it. Also some of the stuff i make ends up being pretty costly with the ingrediants

Val said...

I hear ya with the price of the ingredients! But, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Right? :)

Stephanie G said...

Oh yeah I love the Vaporub thing, they use it on eveything except for what it was made for here. Head bumps, cuts, aches, among other things!!! The prescribed me Ketoralac which is almost as strong as morphine as I'm told but, then told me that Advil is too strong!! Go figure!!

Jackie said...

I've never heard anyone suggest Vaporub. How funny? I agree about the doctors being way too antibiotic happy. But what about how we now need a written prescription to buy antibiotics? That kills me!

Anonymous said...

Over prescribing? Unwarranted antibiotic regimens?
NOT Mexican doctors, surely! Jeeze, let's hope Jill and Karen don't read this because they'll surely have some "well-thought" response.

Some anonymous poster.

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