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Two months in....

Well i have been here a little over two months now and the last two months have been, well just like any other months.  I have no real insightful things to say about the adjustment. It hasn't been that bad really. I mean i miss my friends and family, but not in a depressed, sorrowful i want to go home kinda way. In fact i have been off my anti depressants and anxiety meds for about a month now with zero issues.

Maybe i am resilient, maybe i just go with the flow well. I know my ease in adjustment isn't how it goes for a lot of people. Maybe it was from so many visits i just knew what i was in for. Or maybe i just had such low expectations  i could't be disappointed anyways.

I won't lie, i tend to be apathetic, just kinda "whatever" most of the time. The same attitude that makes it so things aren't so bad, can do the opposite. I mean nothing seams overly great either. Maybe it is just being medicated that makes you see life through a fuzzy tunnel. Then again, like i said i am off the meds now and i don't feel any different. (which is a good thing)

Well i was rambling, but i get questions a lot about how i am adjusting. So that is it. My next post i will focus on how my 3yr old is doing.


paulmon said...

There is another factor to your 'resilience'. You are young. I travelled for years and years, but now that I am older I have parents that need looking after and a wife who does not like travelling on a shoe string. Which is a good thing. And I need my shop! Anyway, you can't get any kind of perspective on your life in America as long as you are in America.
As I said before, you are young. So milk it baby, milk it!

Amanda said...

It actually takes more than a month for the full effect of the medication to wear off. And hey this weekend is something to be excited about and I better not hear that its a mild excitiment dang it!!! ;)

Meet the Family said...

Going with the flow is a good thang'. BTW how is that little puppy

Rebecca said...

Paul, I miss your wiseness! Hope your well Glad you found my blog.

Amanda, my psych said about 6 to 8 weeks for it to fully leave my system. He just alsoD warned of all these withdrawel systems and i am glad i had zero problems quiting cold turkey.

Erica, the puppy is doing really well. He adjusted so fast, he didn't cry a single night and he sleeps outside in a house.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear no insane culture shock! i hope it is the multiple trips down, since that is the route i have been taking... it just has to make a difference to ease us in to that world... poco a poco. :) that is awesome about your meds too! keep strong with that! :)

amber from charlotte, nc

Lisa n Javi said...

Thats great to hear your adjusting so well. I hope it will be like that for me too when the time comes. Half of my family thinks that I will be back in the states but it is really not that bad here. Things are just done different, but not in a bad way.

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