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A night at the circus

I thought i would let you all know how the circus went. In my opinion it was the worst circus ever. The best part was laughing at how much the performers sucked. The kids loved it though and that is the important thing. First we arrived and got to check out the "enormous" free zoo.

Pretty impressive huh? Probably wondering how we saw it all.

Then it was time to buy tickets. The guy in the pic was like 6ft tall and had to reach up to buy his ticket. I guess if your like a midget your out of luck...Tickets were 30pesos (about $2.50) each. Really not a bad price

Inside was one ring. They did not allow photos of the circus and i
am not a rule breaker so i didn't take any. Essentially the first half was dancers and acrobats. All were slightly over weight and not so good. They had a short intermission and than people dressed in dirty looney toons costumes came out and danced around. The best part were the end with the animals. "TARZAN" was the highlight. He was a middle aged, pot bellied receding hairline man in a leopard thong. It was hilarious. He did some stuff with various animals including, goats, camels, cougars, and monkeys. None of the animals looked starved or beaten, but who knows what happens behind the scenes.


Leslie Limon said...

OMG! The Tarzan circus! We've had that one here. They set the whole thing up in the big empty lot behind my house. My suegra had just undergone eye surgery and the circus was one of her first outings. I asked how her eyes were adjusting to the dark and dusty circus tent, and she said, "Fine! I can even see that Tarzan has cellulite!"

Jackie said...

Leslie, your comment is too funny!

Rebecca, at least you can say you've been to a circus in Mexico. We went once and it was the first and last time. It was just so sad.

The photo of the young man buying his ticket cracks me up. How did the people reach?

Lisa n Javi said...

Well at least the kids have fun thats all that counts. We took javiers little boy one time and I think we had more fun than he did so lets just say that was the last trip to the circus

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