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If only they knew.....

I can't help but laugh when i see some of the t shirts unsuspecting people have on. I am speaking of shirts with English phrases. I have to assume (or hope) that the wearer does not know what message their shirt is conveying. I see alot of these t shirts sold in stores. Obvious rejects from the US where the sensible person has more class than to wear shirts with such is some i have seen lately

- Young girl with a shirt saying "it ain't easy being easy"
- A collection of shirts at the clothes store that say "stop looking at my ass"
- A man wearing a tshirt that is obviously for a female that says across the chest "my face is up there" with an arrow pointing up
- My all time favorite (in an OMG that poor lady kinda way) an older woman was at our house with a shirt that said "nice people swallow"

UPDATE 1/3/11.....this evening in the town square a young girl (maybe 10ish) shirt said "your man said i am delicious"


I Must Be Crazy To Live In Mexico said...

My (former) daughter-in-law was here last spring and giggled at all the guys wearing Bimbo shirts. It brought back memories of when I used to giggle at men wearing the big 'ol BIMBO.

Krystal said...

Thank you for reminding me! I see those all over and I so want to go over and whisper in their ear. I even see it here in Oregon but I figure they should have learned English or at least asked! I'm not going to put on a shirt in spanish if I don't know what it says. The last one I saw was on a woman in her 40's (married) that said "Your boyfriend wants me", lol.

Leah Flinn said...

Haha - very funny post. Same goes for Veracruz, I've seen my share. The most recent that comes to mind was when our neighbor, Jorge, wore a bright red shirt with "Fruitcake" written in pink letters over the chest. Being a friend, we explained what it meant and haven't seen the shirt since. :-)

Jackie said...

We had a cleaning lady that was in her late 50's and she would arrive to our house with a t-shirt that said, "What are you looking at dick face?" I couldn't help but laugh everytime until finally she asked me why was I laughing and I explained to her what her t-shirt said. She never wore it again.

Leslie Limon said...

You know what's really bad? When those same people ask you to translate what their shirt means. Very embarrassing! :)

Anonymous said...

what a riot!!! so funny!!

amber from charlotte, nc

Lisa n Javi said...

omg how funny!!!

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