This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Vacation booked 8)

I bought my plane tickets to Mexico over the weekend. I will be headed down Aug 18 to 30th. I am pretty excited. Got a good deal through Delta. which i have never flown. They connect in Salt Lake City, which makes me nervous because i have never been to that airport, so will probably get lost.

I am hoping to go to Melaque/barra de navidad weather permitting. I love the beach. We also want to go to  Other than that, it will be shopping for furniture for our sons new room and planning the move and just relaxing!


Vadose said...

Exciting! Where will you be moving to when you come down? I wonder if you'll be near any of us bloggers. Quite a few of us are in Jalisco.

Rebecca said...

Vadoose, I posted it on your blog but I am about 2.5hrs out of guadaljara to the west. I have actually met amanda at the guad zoo. Totally worth the drive8)we should have a blogger convention some day 8)

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

that is exciting! We have flown Delta through SLC & it's great. The airport is TINY so you'll have no problem! I hope you enjoy your trip down!

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