This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

I think we have come to a decision.

As is stands now, me and my son are going to move to Mexico this November. I am at peace with the decision. The timing finally seems right. At this point we are going to be going on tourists visas and staying the max 6months if we can. Part of me i know is wanting to do that just because i know that if i HAVE to come back to the states it will happen and i will have to have that money available to come. Plus i am lazy and don't want to deal with immigration paperwork.

In August me and my son will go for a visit, maybe 2 weeks, because if we don't than it will be 6months without seeing my husband and i just don't think i can stand that. My goal now is to really buckle down and save these next five months. I am sure they will fly by as life seems to the older you get.

Anyways just a quick update for ya all! Wish me luck and if you have any helpful advice about things to do or get ready before moving feel free to dispense it.


grace said...

I also made the transition from the pacific northwest to mexico! 4 years ago. it's so different, but you will learn and grow so much. And what a relief to finally be together. let me know if you ever have transitional questions or anything about living in mex. if you're in GDL let me know too! our boys could play!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! I'm so very excited for you!!! Can't wait to join that club! ;) The time will fly by...stay focused and everything will come together. Your family will be together soon! I'm thinking of heading back down the first week in August also... just in case you head to mexico city area near toluca, by any chance let me know! :)

amber h - charlotte, nc

Rebecca said...

Grace, thank you very much! That would be cool if we could meet up someday!

Amber, i am not even sure where mexico city is, LOL. I will have to look it up on a map.

Amanda said...

Im excited for you to. And Im sure we will be seeing you around. ;)

Vadose said...

Congratulations! Welcome down!

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