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To Kindle or not to Kindle??

I am so bored i am sitting around hoping other people will post blogs, so i figure, why don't i go ahead and do a post....

I have been tossing around the idea of getting a Amazon Kindle for like months now. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is an electronic reader. A few people at my work have them and they are pretty cool. Now for living here, i am happy with the library. But as my future holds living in Mexico, i can't help to think it would be a great way to continue reading. I hear English books there are expensive and few and far between. With a kindle i can get any book i want and just download it on to the kindle. Now i know i could read on the computer, but that is an eyestrain and just not convenient. The kindle is really cool and uses electronic ink so it looks just like a book.

I looked into the ipad as well, but well i have a laptop, i don't really need an ipad when i just want the device for using as an ereader. It is just to pricey for that. So anyways i suppose i will throw the idea around a bit more. In the end i will most likely buy it, i am just wishy washy when it comes to these things.

Any of my fellow bloggers have one of these spiffy devices??


Amanda said...

Hey this thing looks pretty cool but I hate reading on a screan. When you move here or really even now if you really like reading you need to get on a site called bookmooch. Iv been on there for like a year and its been a life saver. Basically you just trade books with people online. Go to the site it explains it really well and is so easy to use. Its

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