This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Postsecret of the week.

I am addicted to postsecret. I wait every week to see what is on. Sometimes i laugh, sometimes i cry, sometimes i gag. I figure i have a new "bit" I am gonna pick my fave each week and post it. See what others think.

Here is this weeks...

 Whoever wrote this, i pray for them. I pray that one day they will see a society that does not make people feel that way. I doubt it will happen, because prejudice probably will not die until the day our Lord returns to this earth.


Jill said...

This post is so appropriate for me today! I'm writing a magazine article about families who've had immigration problems and, for one reason or another, find themselves living in Mexico for awhile (with the added perspective of those who are separated by borders and those who are considering moving internationally to be with their spouse). I don't want to pry, but feel that a good human-interest story about what the US's current immigration policies do to real families would be timely, and hopefully help fuel some real, positive immigration reform.

If you're willing to let me interview you (sadly, via internet), write me back at


Rebecca said...

Hi Jill, sorry i am so slow to respind. I am gonna email you now!

Marlo said...

Until I started reading all of the blogs like this one I had no idea how large the problem was..

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