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Thoughts on immigration Reform

I was reading an article in the news yesterday about an immigration rally here in Seattle. I made the mistake of letting myself read the comment section full of hate and anger towards immigrants (actually towards Mexicans really) It is just a shame how misinformed and ignorant the public really is.

They see the word immigration and tend to think illegals coming here and stealing our jobs and money. They see reform and they think amnesty. They don't realize how much more there is to the CIR (comprehensive immigration reform) If they did i think we would see more supporters. CIR is about border security. It is about taking care of the huge illegal problem. Yes it may give a legal status to illegals, but like it or not the US will never be able to just get rid of everyone here illegally. There simply is not the man power. CIR is about looking at all that is wrong with the system and fixing it.

There is reuniting families. Looking at unfair and restrictive bans and seeing what can be done for people who are separated. There is finding solutions for a system that has a waiting time of months or years to navigate through. Taking care of problems in overcrowded INS detention centers. And this is not just about Mexicans, It is about Chinese, and Europeans, and people from Uzbekistan or anywhere who want to come to this country and make a better life for themselves.

So for those people who think CIR is just about making an illegal legal, look more into it. If you want to then say that it is a horrible idea, that is fine. That is what being in a free country is all about 8)


Amanda said...

You are so right about this. And the sad thing is that most of them don't want to know the truth. I have tried with "friends" in the past and they just stick a finger in the ear. The worst part of it is if there isnt more support there will be little change even under the new president.
Oh and I for sure have learned to never read the comments.

tellthejourney said...

Hello, I just found your blog and am very interested in following your story. Mind if I link to you?

Rebecca said...

Amanda, i am lucky that i have never had an issue with my friends with it.

Tellthejourney, no problem!

miguelceleste said...

Your blog is cool! I myself stopped looking at comments sections of any immigration related article because I feel my brain cells dying after reading just a few comments. Sigh.

Marlo said...

I think a big step would be to start referring to people in that situation as illegals it makes them sound like criminals~ which most are NOT... And I agree with the not reading comments on stories like that.. Though sometimes I'd like to meet some of those idiots in a dark alley, lol

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