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Carseats in Mexico

After reading a MSN article about new recommendations to keep children rear facing until two, i thought i would write a bit about car seats here in Mexico. They don't really exist. I remember my first trip here and the horror of seeing kids in the front seat and unrestrained. I recall unbelief at the obvious disregard for safety. After having it drilled into your head that kids should be in boosters till like 12yrs it is hard to think otherwise.

I realize now, that first people probably can't afford car seats, beyond that they don't really even seem to sell anything beyond the infant carrier seats which people use for carrying infants, not as restraints in a car. I don't hear about children dying in car accidents here anymore than i did at home. Actually i have never heard it (not that it doesn't happen, i just don't know of it) Now i still think car seats are safest, but i can't lie...i have gone to the store a few blocks away and not strapped my 4yr old in his seat. Maybe the ways of the land are getting into my head. I don't know. We still always use his seat when we are leaving town or going on main roads.

I guess i understand a bit more why people here don't use them. Unlike a previous thought that they just didn't care about safety, it is more that there is no availability and you do what you know....why would they use car seats if no one does and they don't know the benefits or risks involved. Anyways i have learned not to be to quick to judge.


Lisa n Javi said...

I have to admit I was pretty shocked by this too. It is so weird to be brought up by so many rules and just have them totally dismissed here or not even thought of. It is kind of hard to let them go. I think seeing the little ones that are just carried on the motorcyles is the hardest to take in because it is so dangerous. I have to agree though there is not much availability and you have to do what you know. said...

On a daily basis, I help load school children in cars after school. Moms and dads come with younger brothers and sisters and rarely they are strapped in a car seat. They are parents who have them but they don't use them. I think to be trained to use them, it has to become an enforceable law with stiff fines just like in the USA. Face it, majority in USA only comply because of the laws. Texas just passed a law that all passengers even in the back must use a seat belt. I admit I didn't use mine much when seated in the rear until the law.

Amanda said...

It is deffinently due to no law, plus no education. They were available to buy in Tepa which was surprising. The other erason people dont use them is because most familys no matter how many drivers have only one car. And lets face it you shove a couple car seats in a car and no one else can fit. We have come across this issue. Right now our truck only has two seat belts in the back seat. So we have a car seat for the four year old but no seat belt. We are working on finding one but its harder than we though it would be. So as scared as I am every time we leave the house my four year old is without a seat belt. Mind you we cant drive our truck much faster than 30 or 40mph due to transmission issues but still other people drive faster and could deff cause a debilitating accident.

Rebecca said...

Lisa, the motorcycle thing frightens me too. Then again i don't think i would get on a moto even with a helmet.

Rita, that is interesting in WA state they have pretty strict seatbelts laws i know seatbelts for all passangers have been required since i started driving (12yrs ago) boosters are required till age 7 or 4ft 9, whaterver comes last

Amanda. that sucks abouy your car, especially the transmission! Surprises me noone can put in a seatbelt. Seems like everything is fixable

Jackie said...

I think it's a cultural thing. You can get car seats here and yes, they are expensive. We bought ours by using the lay away system at WalMart. After all, we had 9 months to plan.

Katie said...

I agree with Amanda that it's in part due to lack of education. So while I would agree not to judge, considering the safety risk of not wearing a seat belt, I think it would be difficult to just stand by and watch.

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