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Why do i torture myself??

Every time i purchase a trip i promise myself that that is it, i will no longer browse travel sites for a better deal. Without fail though i continually check, as if it would make a difference. Now if i see prices have gone up i am happy, but on the flip side i get grumpy when i see if i waited a day, a week, a month i could have saved. For example i just saw plane tickets for the day i am leaving the US for $50 less which would be $100 with both me and my sons ticket. When i bought the tickets i  looked around, waited a few weeks, checked prices daily and felt i made a good choice. I know i did, and i know for me it is to risky and not well planned enough to wait 2 weeks out to purchase, but it still makes me mad that had i waited i could have saved...oh well so goes life right?


ArmyMustang said...

If you hadn't purchased your tickets then, the prices would have gone up, it always happens that way. I didn't buy my tickets one time and they almost doubled when I did buy them, it made me sick. I always want to buy right then but my hubby likes to wait and think about it, argh!

Kelsey said...

Buying airline tickets is maddening! I know EXACTLY how you feel. It's just too tempting not to be constantly checking. But it's sooo true that we know better, we just can't help ourselves. I'm frustrated now because flights have gone down, but I don't have the money yet to buy the tickets. Argh! Oh well, it is what it is.

Jackie said...

I've never had that experience with plane tickets, but I have had it when we purchased our car. It wasn't me, it was Hugo! We bought the car after shopping around, brought it home, and then the guy kept looking to see what kind of prices he could find for the same car. It drove me crazy! I was like, "Look it's too late...we already bought the car." But I know what you mean how we like to torture ourselves.

Amanda said...

I do the same thing when planning a trip. It really is a gamble with air fair.

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