This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Getting Mexican visas...

Me and my son are currently here on travel visas, but because of the cost of having to travel back to the states every 6 months and because we want to register our son in school here, we are going to apply for are family visas so we can be residents here.

We made our first trip to the local government office (known as "the presidencia") to see what papers we needed so that i can get them when i go back to the states in a few weeks. From reading many other blogs, i know depending on who you talk to these things change and nothing is simple here in Mexico. Regardless, these are the forms we were told we needed to apply for our residencies

For my visa...

Apostilled official copy of my birth certificate
Apostilled  official copy  of our marriage license (we were married in the US)
Copies (don't need official ones) of my parent's birth certificates
Goverment ID (passport, driver's licence)

For my son...

Apostilled copy of my birth certificate
Apostilled copy of his birth certificate
Official copy of my husbands birth certificate
Goverment ID

So once i bring those back, i will update you on the process. I also plan on stopping in the Mexican consulate in Seattle to see what they say, since it seems that everyone gets different info.


Trinidad said...

You are correct in thinking that everybody says something different. I, like you, need to get the proper identification in Mexico so that I can have a bank account etc. When I went to see what I needed, I got 3 different responses and from different buildings in the city meaning I had to walk different places. It was tiring and I was not a happy camper. In the end it turns out I had everything I needed except verification of address (you always need an electrical bill).

Good luck with your process, I hope it goes smoothly for you.

Karen Gomez said...
This is the official website of immigration. It should have all the requirements for getting a visa. I got mine a long time ago so I don't really remember all the details but I really don't remember having to show my parents birth certificates. I know that first I had to get my apostilled marriage license from the States. And then I got it translated by a perito traductor. After that we had to get our mexican marriage certificate in order to start the visa process. That is first done in Registro Civil. Once we had the Mexican license we could start the visa process. If you're in a small town I would try going to Guadalajara. They have an immigration office there.
That's the link to the office in Guad. It has a phone number. Their hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It is very overwhelming at first, I know but it gets easier. I hope that helps :)

Amanda said...

So is this going to be an FM2? Dont you have to come here to get it?

Rebecca said...

Amanda, you mean to Guadalajara? I think so i don't knwo. They made it sound like we didnt though. That they could do it here...who know's though. There is actually an IMN office in Barra de Navidad, which is quiet a bit closer than Guad. I am sure we shall see. I am not really to concerned about it, i don't mind being on a tourist visa, it is just a bit of a pain.

Lorraine said...

Thanks for posting this. I need to get started on getting all of the paperwork in order for us before we go, so that we can facilitate the process of getting visas and bank accounts and all that good stuff when the time comes.

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