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Missing big bird

I have been throwing around the idea of bringing my car down here to Mexico. Right now it is just parked at my parents not doing much good. I figure if i don't bring it here i might as well sell it. The idea of selling it though makes me sad. It was the first (and only) new car i bought. I walked on the Mitsubishi lot, knowing i wanted a lancer, took one look at Big Bird (my car) and said....yuck not that one looks like a car for an Asian teenage boy.  Needless to say i left that day a lot poorer and over my head in debt with Big Bird and totally in love. I was twenty years old and so excited. Anyways lots of memories in Big Bird. I just can't bare to part with her. Took me almost 7rs to pay her off but she is all mine and she sits lonely at my Mom and Dad's

Now we already have two vehicles here, a Jeep Cherokee and a Geo Tracker. The tracker is good on gas but not reliable enough to take far. The jeep gets horrible gas mileage but is reliable. If we brought my car we would most likely sell the jeep. We already talked to the legalization service people and it would be $1000 to legalize the car, which would be a lot cheaper than any decent car we could buy here. Plus we would have the extra money from the sale of the jeep. We could also sell the car here, where it is actually worth more than it is in the states. Again though i don't want to see soeone else driving my Big Bird.

I suppose we shall see.....


ArmyMustang said...

If you guys are down there for the long haul, I would highly recommend bringing it down and legalizing it but you didn't mention what year it is. If it is newer than 2001, you are going to have to wait until that year rolls around as it has to be at least 10 years old and the VIN number needs to start with a 1. I'm not sure that Mitsubishi is a domestic made car so I would definitely call some folks at the aduana on the border to check before you make more plans.


Rebecca said...

We were under the impression that it had to be 10yrs old as well (it is a 2003) The neighbors recently legalized their newer car so we looked into it. We called the legalization people and they had us email the photos of the car and the info and they said it was ok to legalize, it was just more expensive. We would most likely not drive it, but have it transported as we did with the tracker.

Adelina said...

Wow. That means I could take my car too! Let me know how that works out. I thought I'd have to wait until 2013. It would make my life so much easier if I could have my car in mexico!

Rebecca said...

Adelina! Good to "hear" from you. I will definitely let you know what happens. I am bit skeptical because everything i read says 10yrs but we talked to them and they said with my particular car it is ok. Who knows though

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