This is our story of immigration struggles and moving to Mexico so our family can be together. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

Four weeks and counting.....

I leave in exactly four weeks for the states. I am excited for seeing my family and friends and shopping and eating out and getting some fake Mexican food (the kind i like) but as the time gets closer i don't want to spend the five weeks away from my husband. It is funny since over the past year and half while we lived apart the time between  visits was anywhere between 7 and 12 weeks. So we have been apart much longer. I suppose the time together has reminded me how much i don't want time apart. I know the time will fly by though and i will have a ton of fun and he will be here waiting when we return. Still doesn't make me think that five weeks isn't a long time though 8(


Lisa n Javi said...

You are coming back to the states and I will be leaving! It will be 8 wks in total by the time I leave. I go back to mexico on the 9th. Don't worry it will go by fast. Hope you have a great time with your family!

Kelsey said...

I have found 3 weeks to be my max time I like to be in the States and the max time Liliana likes to be away from papa. It's funny because people think it should be so wonderful to be there when I am, but honestly it just never feels right to have all those experiences without hubby. I'm learning how to not feel guilty when do the fun stuff like eating yummy food. But it's also good for us to have little breaks too. It can really strengthen the relationship. Plus we talk about 10 times a day when I'm gone anyway! Ha. Have a blast during your time away. You deserve it!

Jackie said...

I haven't been back to the States for four years now, but when I'm back there, it seems like all I do is think about Mexico. I would like the opportunity to go back and forth more often. I guess you could say I want the best of both worlds!

Jill said...

I hear ya--it's tough! You're reminding me of myself. Mario and I had a long-distance relationship for 7 out of the 9 years we "dated". Even after being married and together almost every day for the last three years, I still sometimes get taken aback when I realize "I don't have to leave anymore!"

Now that you're together more than you're apart, enjoy your trip! It'll be great!

Adelina said...

How fun! I'm actually going back to Mexico on April 1st. Just for a week though. I'm so excited haven't seen my husband, dog and home since last June!

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