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Two more weeks...

Two more weeks till i am headed to the states. I am dreaming of Red Robin and Taco Bell and Arby's. Also Target, Kohls, Old Navy, shopping malls. I suppose seeing friends and family is alright too ;)

My son's 4th birthday falls midtrip. Originally i was gonna skip a big party since i wouldn't be here, and parties there are so expensive, plus i can't haul a bunch of gifts home. He has started asking about his party and the cake and pinatas and brinkolene (bounce house) I suppose i can't just let his bday slide by with just a cupcake and presents for me. We decided that even though it will be a few weeks late to have the party here when we get back. Even though there are lots of fun bday options in the states, it isn't really something i want to pour a couple hundred dollars into and the weather is to unreliable to plan something outdoors. I for some reason have been stressing nonstop about this stupid party and keep going back and forth on what to do and where. I wish i could just plan something and be done with it.

Speaking of his bday....i can hardly believe he is four....i swear i was just pg a blink of the eye ago. I am 28 yrs old and i thought time wasn't suppose to fly by till your like 60. I guess i was wrong.


Jackie said...

I LOVE planning birthday parties...too bad we didn't live closer and I could help you out. Parties are special and the photos from the party will always bring back wonderful memories for your son. It's an opportunity for friends and family to get together and celebrate. And what better reason to celebrate...your son turning four. Is this is first birthday party in Mexico? If it is, all the more reason to make it extra special. I agree that it's a lot of work and can get expensive, but when you see how happy your son'll know it was worth it. :)

Rebecca said...

Last year we had a bday party in WA and in MExico. I am not worried so much about the cost of a party in Mexico, it was doing one in the states. I guess i thought it maybe weird to do a party in MX since his Bday is May 6th and we dont get back from PV until the 17th making the earliest we could do the party like the 21st

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